Community Arts

Spring 2024 Art Classes Are Here!

Art classes for all ages and all levels begin in January. Registration begins in mid-November. Art classes make awesome holiday gifts. Scholarships available. 

Search and Register for Classes

Class Length Key:

+ WORKSHOPS: 1 to 4 sessions
+ MINI-COURSES: 4 to 6 sessions
+ REGULAR COURSES: 8 to 12 sessions
+ KIDS CLASSES: 6 sessions each
+ TEEN CLASSES: Lengths Vary (Some adult courses are 16+)

Class Age Key:

+ ART EXPLORATIONS I = Class for ages 4+5
+ ART EXPLORATIONS II = Classes for ages 6 - 8, non-sequential
+ YOUNG ARTISTS = Classes for ages 9 - 12, non-sequential
+ TEEN = Classes for ages 13 - 17
+ ADULTS and 16 + = Adult classes that are open to older teens
+ ADULTS = Classes for ages 18 +

Community Arts Scholarships

Scholarships for one class each semester are available to kids, teens, and adults who demonstrate significant financial need. Awards are limited and the amounts vary based on the number of qualified applications received. Kids and teens often receive scholarships for the full tuition. Adult applicants often receive partial tuition and full tuition in special circumstances. Scholarship forms may be submitted online via the links below, by calling (315) 797-8260, or email at Applications are reviewed every few weeks and in the order they are received.

Child/Teen Scholarship Application - Apply Now

Adult Scholarship Application - Apply Now  NOTE: At this time, all adult scholarship funds have been distributed for Adult (18+) students for the Spring 2024 Community Arts Semester. Applications will reopen for Summer 2024 in May. Child/teen applicants still encouraged to apply!

We are honored with awarding from the following funds:
+ Partnership For Equity In The Arts Fund
+ Elizabeth R. Lemieux Children’s Scholarship Fund
+ Ellen Marie Geiersbach Memorial Children's Scholarship Fund
+ Carmen E. Guarnieri Scholarship Fund
+ Community Arts Education Scholarship Fund

Spring 2024 Calendar

Priority Scholarship Deadline

Spring Community Arts Semester Begins

First Session Kids Classes Begin

MARCH 11 - 15
Pratt Munson and Munson Community Arts Spring Break | No Classes*

Second Session Kids Classes Begin

Spring Community Arts Semester Ends*

Munson Community Arts Annual Student Exhibition (Adults)

*Some exceptions


Munson Community Arts offers kids, teens, and adult classes taught by experienced, professional artists using state of the art equipment in the same contemporary facilities that encompass the stellar Pratt Munson College of Art and Design in Utica.  The Community Arts program mission is to enhance artistic appreciation, understanding, and skill in people of all ages. For over 60 years, the program continues to build relationships with individuals and organizations and remains the leader in arts education through innovative programming. Community Arts focuses on growth, accessibility, professional development, advocacy for arts education, outreach, and community partnerships.


Interested in modeling for drawing and painting classes? Munson is always in need of models for our art classes. No previous experience necessary. To learn more or to apply, please call (315) 797-8260 or email


Consider funding a scholarship or special facilities for Munson Community Arts or Pratt Munson College of Art and Design. Art enhances our lives, adding beauty and substance to human existence. Click the button below and choose which scholarship you would like to support or contact our Development Office at (315) 797-0000 ext 2297