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Resources: School Tour Programs

Supplement your Museum visit or classroom studies with optional resources and lesson opportunities.

For a summary of grade-level focus, learning objectives, activity set up, and activity duration please refer to the Lesson Overview listed with each lesson. Click on the links below to open that lesson's resource page.

American History School Tours (Suggested for grade levels 4 through 9)

  • Timeline: NYS, National and World Events - 1920–1940

  • American History Lesson 1: Recruiting for the Continental Army

  • American History Lesson 2: Oneida Stone, Symbol of Oneida Indians

  • American History Lesson 3: Chimney Corner, Slavery and the Emancipation Proclamation

Myths and Mysteries at the Museum School Tours (Suggested for grade levels 6 through 9)

  • Mythology Lesson 1: Comparison of the Greek myth, Danaë, and American Indian experiences

  • Mythology Lesson 2: Comparing different cultures versions of the Great Flood

  • Mythology Lesson 3: African-American interpretation of the hero’s journey

STEAM School Tours (Suggested for grade levels kindergarten through 5)

  • The Color of Light School Tour

  • STEAM Lesson 1: Multiple Solutions with Sol LeWitt - Engineering Design

  • STEAM Lesson 2: Multiple Interpretations of Abstract Designs