Adult Scholarship Application Form

To apply for scholarship, please:

  • 1. Select your preferred art class from the School of Art printed or online course listings.
  • 2. Complete this MWPAI Adult Scholarship Application Form.
  • 3. Write a brief paragraph stating reason for attending class at MWPAI.
  • 4. Send application, paragraph, and any additional items together so it is received as soon as possible.

Scholarship is given to those who qualify on a first come first served basis until the funds are depleted. When granted, award amounts usually offset a portion of the tuition for one class.

Applications should be received well before the start date of the class which funds are applied for.

All financial information is strictly confidential.

Applicants are notified within three weeks of submission as to whether a scholarship will be awarded.

Due to the volume of scholarship requests and financial need, MWPAI is unable to grant scholarships for multiple sessions.

Please apply for one class per student.