Artist in Residence ALUMNI

Artist in Residence ALUMNI

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Dehmie Demhlow, Ceramics 2022/23

Amy Bruning, Animation 2021/22

Michael Hicks, Photography 2019/20

Janet Loren Hill, Painting/Drawing 2019/20

Soojin Kim, Painting/Drawing 2018/19

Caroline Voagen Nelson, Animation, 2018/19

Azita Moradkhani, Painting/Drawing 2017/18

Ella Weber, Printmaking 2017/18

Eeva Siivonen, Video 2016/17

Brianna Miller, Illustration 2016/17

Veronica Byun, Ceramics 2013/14

Clarissa Plank, Printmaking 2013/14

Daria Souvorova, Painting/Drawing 2013/14