Art + Autism

With Hannah Reece | Ages 8 - 12

In Partnership with Kelberman, the leading provider of autism services for children, adults and families in the Mohawk Valley and Central New York.

This studio class provides kids with autism spectrum disorder an opportunity to delve into a variety of art-making processes. Come as you are and together we work through the layers of ourselves in artistic exploration. Fill in white canvas with colorful intention, paint emotions in watercolor oceans and weave ourselves into the work of our hands. We walk you through creative processes, provide materials and mediums for sifting and discovering, at your own pace, with gentle support. Embrace our minds and tap into oneself to release creative flow. The artwork awaits creation!

Individuals are welcome with assistance of Community Habilitation/Respite staff, Mentors, or Family support. For additional support or guidance, please contact Bethany Wendt, Director of Community Relations at Kelberman, refer to, or call (315) 922-6706. Registrations are taken via Munson-Williams website or by calling the School of Art at (315) 544-2428.

SESSION II: Tuesdays, 4 - 5 p.m. | 3/14 - 4/18
6 classes | 6 contact hours
Location: Studio Building, 503 William Street, Main Level, Room 240
Cost: $60, Member: $60

+ SCHOLARSHIPS: Need-based scholarship request forms are available HERE >

+ MASKS: Face coverings are optional however policies may change at any time.

Meet your instructor, Hannah!

Hannah Reece is the founder of Sowing Seeds Forest School, a Waldorf inspired enrichment program with strong emphasis on interest led learning & creative expression. Hannah is a certified therapeutic artist attending The Therapeutic Forest in the UK focused on supporting children with complex needs. She has been a mentor, creative expression facilitator and children’s educator for the last decade working in the arts with youth, young adults, developmentally challenged individuals and elder individuals within the community. Hannah’s creative upbringing (sculptor father and humanitarian mother) ties into the passionate work she fulfills today working with artists and teaching vulnerable populations. 

Hannah is a quiet cathartic creator working in all mediums of color, paint, pastel, charcoal, mixed media, film, sculpture & textile. She is a poet and creative writer, book binder, toy maker & artisan bean-to-bar chocolate maker. Her vast art forms expand her in complexity as a creative being.

Art + Autism | Ages 8 - 12