WORKSHOP | Eco Fabric Dyeing

with Niki English | All Levels | 16 +    

Celebrate spring and learn to how to dye with easy-to-find plants! This workshop teaches you the basics of bundle dyeing using foraged or homegrown plant materials as well as plant-based kitchen remnants. Learn about creating dye baths with particularly abundant materials such as onion skins and black walnut hulls. Fabrics and dye materials are provided, but you may also bring other dye sources to experiment with. Suggested items include: marigolds, hollyhock, dried flowers/rose petals, hibiscus, cosmos, oak leaves, pomegranate seeds, coffee, and sumac cones.

Sunday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. | 4/2

1 session | 6 contact hours

Location: Studio Building, 503 William Street, Main level, Studio 220

Cost: $45, Member: $40

+ SCHOLARSHIPS: Need-based scholarship request forms are available HERE >

+ MASKS: Face coverings are optional however policies may change at any time.

Meet your instructor Niki!


WORKSHOP | Eco Fabric Dyeing